Bring your company into the world of Innovation Industry 4.0 and access the Tax Credit on operating machines

MovI 4.0

The Professional Service

from MOVIMATICA for maximum tax savings. Innovation 4.0

The latest governments have introduced tax instruments for the benefit of industries and businesses that make investments in capital goods with a high technological content, with the aim of continuous improvement of production processes.
This facility is now better known as the Tax Credit and is part of the “Industry 4.0” development activities.
The system architecture consists of a Cloud service center interconnected with electronic devices installed on operating machines.
Through this telematic system it is possible to monitor a series of parameters which, once analyzed,

they are made available to customers through aggregate representations, analyzes and statistics useful for the improvement of production activity and for better control of business processes.

Movimatica assists the customer in the phases of:

  • drafting of the technical file
  • activation of the interconnection
  • support to the Customer in using the system for the entire tax period



A connected world 4.0

Movimatica assists the customer by providing technological solutions in compliance with the requirements of Industry 4.0

The goods and the company must satisfy a series of fundamental characteristics in order to access the tax benefit.

  1. All enterprises resident in the territory of the State, including permanent organizations of non-resident subjects, regardless of the legal nature, the economic sector to which they belong, the size, the accounting regime and the system for determining income for tax purposes can access the tax benefit.
  2. The Company must have an ICT Service Center interconnected to the instrumental asset in two-way “Wireless or Wired” mode using standard protocols.
  3. The instrumental asset must be included in the list published in Annex A of the Law of
    Balance (ref. circular 4/E 30/3/2017).
  4. The asset must meet the following technological requirements:
    • control by means of CNC and/or PLC
    • interconnection to factory information systems with exchange of information
    • automated integration with the factory logistics system or with the supply network and / or with other machines in the production cycle
    • simple and intuitive man-machine interface
    • compliance with the latest standards in terms of safety, health and hygiene at work (including the presence of all CE certificates for all components and compliance with the Machinery Directive)
  5. The asset must also respond to at least two other technological characteristics, among which:
    • remote maintenance and / or remote diagnosis and/or remote control systems
    • continuous monitoring of working conditions
  6. The good must be in the availability of the customer, and it is necessary to dispose of it:
    • of the sales invoice or leasing contract
    • of the transport document (DDT or DDV)
  7. The asset must be interconnected to the Customer’s ICT Service Center, that is, it must have the interconnection module produced by Movimatica.
  8. The telematic system must be active and functional for the entire period of use of the tax relief. Movimatica has developed some automatic services for continuous monitoring of the telematic system, intervening promptly in case of anomalies on the server part and reporting to the Customer any malfunctions on the monitored asset.
  9. The telematic system must be regularly used by the Customer for his work, and it is necessary to be able to demonstrate this “regular use” to third parties. Movimatica has developed some specific applications to respect this point, collecting the indications of its experts; in particular the service called “Job Management” is provided for this purpose, and an initial training phase is foreseen.

Movimatica, in order to offer a complete service that can satisfy all the customer’s requests, makes use of the advice of nationally recognized expert companies that are able to verify the existence of the “company”, “machine” and ” customer service center”.

Telemetry control panel

Order management panel