GPS location on your mobile network

Movimatica manufactures and markets products and telematic services for the management of fleets of vehicles and special vehicles from work.

These services allow you to make the GPS tracking in real time the vehicles of controlling the operating parameters more significant through the coding of analog and digital signals, to receive and manage alarms and send advanced commands for the remote management of operational activities

The products of Movimatica use as transmission system the network wireless GSM/GPRS/UMTS and the Internet network, while the access and use of the system is carried out via Web; it is not therefore necessary to deploy complex software because it through a common navigator you will be able to access all the features of the system using a computer or a handheld without compromising safety requirements and access control fundamental in broadcasts on the Internet.

Web Services of Movimatica are developed mainly in Java language; the extreme flexibility of this programming language allows you to easily meet the specific needs of the customer. The intuitive graphical user interface and the tiered management of users, administrator at the Help Desk operator makes it simple and immediate control of the machines to the authorized operators.

Maps are provided under licenses “Enterprise” from the main world leader in the sector of cartographies:

  • PTV, a company that develops application technologies (xServer and Ajax) on databases of Navteq and TeleAtlas
  • Google MAP, a leader in services for satellite geolocation in mode “hybrid”

The electronic controllers provide maximum flexibility to are easy installation on any vehicles or system

The communication protocol is the owner and has been optimized to minimize the traffic and the cost on the network wireless GSM/GPRS/UMTS.

The whole system and its graphic representation can be customized depending on the type of application required by the customer.

Some examples of applications already made:

  • Infomobility RSU for the differentiated collection of waste in municipalities
  • Management of sweeping machines of the Roads
  • Inventory Management, bicycle and diagnostics earth moving machines
  • Managing vehicle fleets
  • Managing fleets of buses and other public transport

Our solutions allow you to meet any type of operational necessity

Our services allow you to perform real-time GPS localization of vehicles, to control the most significant parameters through the coding of analog and digital signals, to receive and manage alarms and to send advanced commands for the remote management of activities.

Position control

Checking the position of the fleet on the map in real time …

Viewing Location in real time on the map with all vehicles of fleet and of operators in the field via Web, iPhone and SMS, with levels of detail relating to speed, movement, address, sensors.
Street Map View, satellite and 3D using the APIS Google Earth. Search vehicles closer to a specific address for the planning of operational activities.

Travels and Paths

View journeys and pathways of vehicles with details of departures, stops and stops …
Detail of the path during the day with speed check, the kilometers of paths, of operational activities and of driving times pause and rest.
All routes are available for at least 12 months.

Multi-user access, multi-tier and multi-tasking

Simultaneous management of multiple web users with total visibility or limited …
Through our innovative system of multilevel management accounts, you can create sub-web users with limited visibility to some vehicles, for some fleets or to certain activities. This feature allows you to manage multiple locations or departments through temporary access or more limited by providing its customers for the control of specific operations such as loading/unloading of goods or the use of a special machine from work.

Communication with the operator

Direct communication with the driver …
Is it possible to send messages via the web from the office to drivers of fleet directly on your mobile phone or on an interactive display.
Consultation of sent and received messages is always possible without any time limit.

Reporting of Base

Automated Reports to analyze the activity of the fleet …
Reporting of base with synthesis of traffic volumes, of the hours of work, the duration of the pauses and the operational activities of the equipment.
Subdivision per day and per vehicle or global for all the fleet.
Reports can be exported and printed in Excel and PDF and many other formats

Advanced reporting

Development of custom reports for a detailed analysis of the whole fleet …
Advanced Reporting with detail of the traffic volumes and specific indication of the addresses of the places of departure and arrival. Working hours, stops at the P.O.I., distribution of the fleet.
Ability to export the data to other management programs through procedures manual or automatic.

Alarms and Events

Complete management of alarms and events …
The engineers of Movimatica have developed an innovative system of management and creation of alarms and events, based on a proprietary language that offers the advantage of being extremely flexible and versatile. Through this language is then can create alarms and events related to stops not foreseen, passages and stops onwards, movements in hourly bands, Confinements, exceeding speed limits, driving hours, ignition and shutdowns. With the use of specific sensors, you can also monitor the opening of doors, pto, temperature, lifting or any other external event.

Management points of interest

Creation and management of the points of interest on the map …
With a simple click of the mouse you can create custom points of interest (POI) and manage the personal information of your customers, suppliers, warehouses, ecological areas, seats, workshops.
Control of inputs/outputs in then, times of loading/unloading, search of available vehicles more close to a POI.

Scheduled maintenance and extraordinary

Management of the maintenance of the fleet, agenda, notices on deadlines stamps, insurance and coupons …
Maintenance of vehicles with the creation of automated alerts of upcoming activities to be carried out based on hours of work, the km paths or the administrative deadlines (e.g. insurance, stamps, revisions).
The deadlines are indicated by a red light that returns only green when an operator web has reported the completion of activity.

Security and Safety

Theft prevention by vehicles of the remote control on the inhibition of the engine starting …
Possibility to lock the ignition vehicles:

  • Locally: using numeric keypad, badge reader, Dallas key/RFID with identification of the operator.
  • Remotely: via the web-enabled mobile phone, Iphone or Android by downloading the MoviApp.

Immediate signaling of opening doors, lifting and moving with the instrument panel turned off, activation key anti-robbery.

Assistance and supervision H24

Theft prevention with operating central surveillance and safety H24 …
A team of experts of vigilance and security constantly monitor the vehicles under monitoring, ready to intervene and solve any problem of a technical nature and security. In the case of faults and fault reports (as cutting cables or removing battery), the operator of the central readily will contact the customer to verify the problem and make sure that the vehicle is always in the “right hands”!
In the case of theft, the Operating Center will contact the police territorial authorities through its own direct channel of communication privileged.
The central supervision and safety offers the service of surveillance and safety throughout the day (H24) and 7 days a week.

Check fuel level

Checking the fuel level for theft prevention …
Checking the fuel level to prevent theft and unauthorized withdrawals, monitoring supplies, by verifying the actual consumption and documenting travel expenses.

Temperature Control

Control of the temperature in the refrigerated transport …
Control of the temperature of the refrigerated cells of vans and trailers by temperature probes. In the case of exceedance, alarms and automatic alerts will indicate faults. Detailed Excel reports and charts allow to easily check and verify the cold chain from producer to consumer.

Customizations by other external Accessories

Identification of the goods, control and recognition of the driver and presence management control, trailers, monitoring waste collection and street cleaning …
Using a wide range of exterior accessories, you can customize any type of operational monitoring:

  • Recognition drivers or operating activities using numeric keypad, badge reader, Dallas key, RFID Key
  • Control by temperature sensors, fuel, pto, equipment of trailers and containers.
  • Management of tasks and missions with terminals and navigators of the edge

Management activities and missions

Management of the communications with the drivers using the on-board terminal …

  • Planning and enter the terminal edge of the paths, tasks and missions to be carried out.
  • Verification of the completed tasks
  • Sending and receiving messages and signals in real time and road routes to carry out and carried out via the display and custom navigators.

Simple, intuitive, Custom

Our services are developed in Java language, the flexibility of which allows to easily meet the needs of each customer.

It is accessed through a common Internet connection of vehicles quality (we recommend an ADSL connection or UMTS), using the most common tools for Web browsing on both PC and PDA (Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla, Chrome, Safari etc.).

The system manages a multilevel access: depending on the user connected to the internal sections will have different visibility; in this way for example a customer renter that controls an entire fleet will also can create “custom views” more limited in their sotto clienti.

The pages are dynamic: the menus are context-sensitive, i.e. vary in function of the application environment.

The environment is customizable: Some functions that allow you to modify the appearance of the site, to highlight the main data of the customer and the information which must be controlled with more attention.

The entire environment is designed to be usable, simple and intuitive, listening to the suggestions and indications of operators who use it daily.

The success of our system is everything is here: personalization, flexibility, care, and attention of our customers, from largest to smallest!

Assistance, surveillance and security

A team of experts of surveillance and security will monitor constantly the vehicles under monitoring, ready to intervene and solve any problem of a technical nature and security.

In the case of faults and fault reports (as cutting cables or removing battery), the operator of the central will contact the customer promptly to verify the problem and make sure that the vehicle is always in the “right hands”!

In the case of theft, the Operating Center will contact the police territorial authorities through its own direct channel of communication privileged.

 Attention: are few in Italy the central surveillance and security that have this option! 

Movimatica offers a service of technical assistance web from LU-VE 9 – 13.00 14.00 – 18.00

The central supervision and safety offers the service of surveillance and safety H24 and 7 days on 7

Full monitoring

Movimatica staff has been providing technical support over the years to a multitude of different types of customers.

This great experience is a fundamental technical knowledge for the company and its engineers, which in this way can always safely identify the best technical solution needed for more complex customer requests.

The development of new wireless technologies for monitoring the “Internet of Things” has made it possible to significantly reduce costs, making disadvantaged solutions economically feasible.

In the monitoring of mobile vehicles, Movimatica has acquired a high level of expertise on CAN networks, in particular SAEJ1939 and CAN open protocols.

Today, it is possible to start a monitoring project with a simple and scalable solution, adding new features during the work, possibly replacing the HW units supplied on request also in use products.

Movimatica, with an entire branch of the company dedicated to R & D, offers the experience gained over the years by its technicians, combining engineering skills (electronics, telecommunications and computers) to optimally design new products and services which are best suited to customer needs and with the innovative features on the market for fleets management for remote monitoring even for maintenance purposes.

The avant-garde paradigms are applied by algorithms for choosing and defining the type, quality, and quantity of data in the information system that the monitoring should provide. Not only is the search for optimization of data quality improvement, but the whole design of the ICT system, from the choice of hardware, software, communication protocols more suited to different applications, is the basis of the innovative search for Movimatica.

Monitoring in the broadest sense represents a fundamental element for the knowledge of the current behavior of a mechanical system or a component thereof during operations. The awareness of the actual working conditions of a vehicle or one of its sub-component either mechanical or electronic, joined to the application of appropriate predictive algorithms on the evolution of the behavior of the same, allows to obtain a complete fault-finding procedure of the present status and future of the component under consideration.

Monitoring mechanical components  

Alongside this diagnostic capability developed of advanced monitoring was born then a new ability of prognosis that it can intervene in a timely manner and not more programmatic on the monitored component before the occurrence of an event that could compromise the operation, aimed at a new management of maintenance interventions with greater effectiveness and efficiency. It was in those circumstances that the applicability of these concepts in the automotive sector, from private to great renter, from compact to commercial vehicles for the transport of goods or means of work, is fundamental both to increase the safety of the transport and the efficiency of the service and to reduce the maintenance and operating costs. The desire to equip its own fleet of vehicles of a monitoring system leads to the resolution of the organizational aspects of managing costs ranging in transverse manner from the optimization of the fleet in logistical terms up to improving procedures maintenance.