1. What services offers Movimatica?

Movimatica offers different services and products for the management and monitoring of fleets of private vehicles, public and special vehicles the services have been developed by a team of engineers in collaboration with the Politecnico di Torino.

2. What are the characteristics of these services ?

The services provide the functionality of:

  • Logistics Base or Advanced
  • Reports and statistics
  • Anti-theft and Security
  • Vigilance
  • Telemetry

They enable businesses to check in real time via the Internet the position and movements of all private vehicles, business or special vehicles of work.

The system displays the path, the stops, the driving times and intervention, to communicate with the drivers and engineers, to set alarms and events to obtain statistics and reports statements for full control of the activities of the fleet.

In this way companies can optimize the use of the business vehicles to increase security, reduce journey times, reduce transportation costs, reduce maintenance costs.

3. What are the differences between these services?

MerloMobility is sold exclusively from the group Merlo for machines Merlo; it was developed and optimized by a team of engineers of the Group Merlo and Movimatica, and is the only system in the world can read the telemetry data of machines Merlo.

MoviSat is sold directly by Movimatica for any vehicle type, machine or vehicles, and can be customized according to the needs of the Customer.

MoviSatRSU is the service that Movimatica has developed for companies of Public Administration that are responsible for the collection and disposal of waste. This service uses dedicated controllers , with special functionality to be able to acquire all the operational information required by the tender procedures conducted by public administrations.

4. What are the differences between the services Logistics and Telemetry?

MerloMobility Logistics provides a service of managing multi-user also localization in real time with position and the historical path of vehicles with retention of data on our servers from a minimum of 6 months, the insertion of the points of interest with addresses and GPS coordinates of customers and suppliers.

Telemetry MerloMobility, provided today exclusively on machines Merlo ROTO MCSS, also provides more advanced functionality for the control of telemetry data and diagnostics of the Merlin electronic such as security, the status of the machine, the level of liquids, alarms and faults, the advanced reporting.

Versions MerloMobility Logistics Telemetry and are provided with a single monthly fee all-inclusive which includes the SIM data and the use of Web-based software.

5. As you activate services?

To activate MoviSat is enough to buy a Movimatica controller and subscribe to a single subscription fee all inclusive.

For the official price list Contact the commercial network Movimatica.

To activate MerloMobility, contact your Merlo dealer or directly the Movimatica sales network, which will check the features of the remote control and the vehicle you are using. The regulator is standard on the new Merlo Roto MCSS models, while it may optionally be required on all other Merlo models and on other brands vehicles, preventative compatibility tests performed by Movimatica engineers.

Customers who have or wish to purchase a Merlo vehicle must refer to Merlo’s Network for the MerloMobility Price List. For users of other brands, the reference list is Movimatica.

6. It is necessary to install the software on your PC ?


Services allow the real-time control of the fleet from a PC using a normal navigation browser like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Safari etc.

To use the service is sufficient to connect from any PC connected to the internet on the portal and enter their login credentials to begin to use the service.

Are not necessary local installations on corporate computers; just to have a PC and a normal xDSL line

The service is always accessible in multi-user and multi-location.

7. There is a specific application for phones Apple Iphone or Android and Samsung?


Although you can use our service by accessing the web site using the normal internet connection  of the Iphone, Movimatica has developed a specific application can be downloaded free of charge from the AppStore or Google Play MoviApp: It was designed to make it easier, immediate, and intuitive use of the service in mobility.

8. What is the coverage of the service ?

These services are designed to manage fleets of vehicles operating on an international level in all countries where it is available the signal GPRS network of cellular mobile telephony. Localizers GPS satellite are equipped with a SIM international and GPRS data traffic is included in the plan.

9. Where can I find more information?

The technical documentation is available in the Download area of the site. Also inside the operating area web is available the HelpOnLine